about ESP

ESP=extrasensory perception

Some of my friends know that I had ESP when I was a child. I had seen the spirit or the ghost. I was able to tell whether a person was sick or not. Even I lost this kind of ability for a long time. But recently I think I can still sense something with extrasensory perception. Just now, when I was sleeping, an image struck me in my brain that a girl just logged on MSN, then I got up and had a look. Yup! That’s true. Also sometimes I can predict a game. If I am not strongly influenced by my emotion preference or I am not so concentrated. The only problem is, I cannot control what is going to show up in my brain. It’s more like a TV than a DVD player:)

本篇發表於 我的心情。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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