In Hong Kong now

Don’t really want to spend too much time here. But since I didn’t write down anything for so long and I really need to write down something about HK.

Two days here, still not used to the language systems. It’s embarrassing when someone speaks Cantonese to me and I understand nothing. What’s worse, I don’t know whether to use English or Manderin to reply. Using Chinese may confuse them and will be treated like a 鄉巴佬; using English just makes me feel weird here. A lot of fun in Ocean Park, and I like HK. But to reside here is another thing. Too many things to get used to, but not like in US. I can make mistakes in US because they treat me as a foreigner, but here they treat me as a 鄉巴佬. That’s too different. Pressure, pressure and pressure for a non-resident. Wish I have a good luck tomorrow.

本篇發表於 我的心情。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

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