1Tim 4:15

Unfortunately I didn’t choose the fellowship golden verse as my daily verse. But thank God that I have a even better one.

It is 1Tim4:15. Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.

I was practicing guitar for a little while and by following the instructions book I could see my progress little by little. At the first day of a session, I usually failed to play the notes. But then by making progress every day, I did everything better and better. And before the due time of that session, I could play smoothly as it required. This is my favorite part of that book, it seems that it knows what’s gonna happen before you actually do it. Then once you experienced the joy of success, you will “immerse yourself in them". For me, I think what to be practiced in my spiritual life is to seek God without fear. I do not fear God, but I do fear the thoughts in my brain, the motivation to serve God and the consequence of failure. This verse just naturally makes me understand one thing, that God knows every single thing in advance. My prayer is that I can lift my fear onto His all mighty hands and follow Him closely.

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One Response to 1Tim 4:15

  1. JM 說道:

    If God called you to be an example, why refuse?



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