How to be a mature young adult (From wikihow)

1 Greet with a hand shake: A person can tell a lot just by a handshake, make sure your handshake has a strong grip to it, but not too strong–you don’t want to crush the other person’s hand. Make sure you do two shakes and let go. Eye contact is also important when greeting.
2 Lead a private life: While you spend your life joking with people, going out to clubs, bars or parties, spend at least one night a week where you have time that you can spend with yourself; a night where you say no to clubs, bars, and parties: sit down and watch a film, have a hot lavender oil bath, etc.
3 Dress smart: Make sure you dress in a smart and appropriate fashion. Have a unique style but not a ridiculous one. Smart dressing may consist of slim jeans and a tucked shirt, sunglasses that suit you, and gelled or combed hair. (TIP, make sure when wearing a shirt, only undo two buttons of the top and spray chest only once with cologne.) However you dress, make sure it suits your personality.
4 Watch or read the news: educate yourself with some knowledge of what’s going on in the world.
5 Get a job: If you still live with your parents, there is a chance that you have to pay them weekly; if you can’t afford this, find a full or part time job in which you can earn money to afford living and to use for entertainment.
6 Become smart but don’t show off: read non-fiction books about history or science; learn a little more and increase your knowledge. Having knowledge is the key in becoming smart and mature.
7 Get a car: Face it, unless you won the lottery or saved up, your first car wasn’t the best of cars. If you don’t drive, get driving lessons, but make sure you can find a company that is cheap and cheerful. If you do drive and your car is not up to you standards, save money and buy a new one or customize it and make that car a part of your life, not a tin can on wheels hidden by a cover. The exception is if you live in a big city, where people generally don’t care about cars.

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