useful math English terms

∃ there exist
∀ for all
p⇒q p implies q / if p, then q
p⇔q p if and only if q /p is equivalent to q / p and q are equivalent
x∈A x belongs to A / x is an element (or a member) of A
x∉A x does not belong to A / x is not an element (or a member) of A
A⊂B A is contained in B / A is a subset of B
A⊃B A contains B / B is a subset of A
A∩B A cap B / A meet B / A intersection B
A∪B A cup B / A join B / A union B
A\B A minus B / the diference between A and B
A×B A cross B / the cartesian product of A and B
3. Real numbers
x+1 x plus one
x-1 x minus one
x±1 x plus or minus one
xy xy / x multiplied by y

(x – y)(x + y) x minus y, x plus y

x y x over y
= the equals sign
x = 5 x equals 5 / x is equal to 5
x≠5 x (is) not equal to 5
x≡y x is equivalent to (or identical with) y
x ≡ y x is not equivalent to (or identical with) y
x > y x is greater than y
x≥y x is greater than or equal to y
x < y x is less than y
x≤y x is less than or equal to y
0 < x < 1 zero is less than x is less than 1
0≤x≤1 zero is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 1
| x | mod x / modulus x
x 2 x squared / x (raised) to the power 2
x 3 x cubed
x 4 x to the fourth / x to the power four
x n x to the nth / x to the power n
x −n x to the (power) minus n
x (square) root x / the square root of x
x 3 cube root (of) x
x 4 fourth root (of) x
x n nth root (of) x
( x+y ) 2 x plus y all squared
( x y ) 2 x over y all squared
n! n factorial
x ^ x hat
x ¯ x bar
x ˜ x tilde
x i xi / x subscript i / x suffix i / x sub i
∑ i=1 n a i the sum from i equals one to n a i / the sum as i runs from 1 to n of the a i
4. Linear algebra
‖ x ‖ the norm (or modulus) of x
OA → OA / vector OA
OA ¯ OA / the length of the segment OA
A T A transpose / the transpose of A
A −1 A inverse / the inverse of A
5. Functions
f( x ) fx / f of x / the function f of x
f:S→T a function f from S to T
x→y x maps to y / x is sent (or mapped) to y
f'( x ) f prime x / f dash x / the (first) derivative of f with respect to x
f''( x ) f double-prime x / f double-dash x / the second derivative of f with respect to x
f'''( x ) triple-prime x / f triple-dash x / the third derivative of f with respect to x
f (4) ( x ) f four x / the fourth derivative of f with respect to x
∂f ∂ x 1 the partial (derivative) of f with respect to x1
∂ 2 f ∂ x 1 2 the second partial (derivative) of f with respect to x1
∫ 0 ∞ the integral from zero to infinity
lim⁡ x→0 the limit as x approaches zero
lim⁡ x→ 0 + the limit as x approaches zero from above
lim⁡ x→ 0 − the limit as x approaches zero from below
log e y log y to the base e / log to the base e of y / natural log (of) y
ln⁡y log y to the base e / log to the base e of y / natural log (of) y

数学 mathematics, maths(BrE), math(AmE)
公理 axiom
定理 theorem
计算 calculation
运算 operation
证明 prove
假设 hypothesis, hypotheses(pl.)
命题 proposition
算术 arithmetic
加 plus(prep.), add(v.), addition(n.)
被加数 augend, summand
加数 addend
和 sum
减 minus(prep.), subtract(v.), subtraction(n.)
被减数 minuend
减数 subtrahend
差 remainder

times(prep.), multiply(v.), multiplication(n.)
被乘数 multiplicand, faciend
乘数 multiplicator
积 product
除 divided by(prep.), divide(v.), division(n.)
被除数 dividend
除数 divisor
商 quotient
等于 equals, is equal to, is equivalent to
大于 is greater than
小于 is lesser than
大于等于 is equal or greater than
小于等于 is equal or lesser than
运算符 operator
数字 digit
数 number
自然数 natural number
整数 integer
小数 decimal
小数点 decimal point
分数 fraction
分子 numerator
分母 denominator
比 ratio
正 positive
负 negative
零 null, zero, nought, nil
十进制 decimal system
二进制 binary system
十六进制 hexadecimal system
权 weight, significance
进位 carry
截尾 truncation
四舍五入 round
下舍入 round down
上舍入 round up
有效数字 significant digit
无效数字 insignificant digit
代数 algebra
公式 formula, formulae(pl.)
单项式 monomial
多项式 polynomial, multinomial
系数 coefficient
未知数 unknown, x-factor, y-factor, z-factor
等式,方程式 equation
一次方程 simple equation
二次方程 quadratic equation
三次方程 cubic equation
四次方程 quartic equation
不等式 inequation
阶乘 factorial
对数 logarithm
指数,幂 exponent
乘方 power
二次方,平方 square
三次方,立方 cube
四次方 the power of four, the fourth power
n次方 the power of n, the nth power
开方 evolution, extraction
二次方根,平方根 square root
三次方根,立方根 cube root
四次方根 the root of four, the fourth root
n次方根 the root of n, the nth root
集合 aggregate
元素 element
空集 void
子集 subset
交集 intersection
并集 union
补集 complement
映射 mapping
函数 function
定义域 domain, field of definition
值域 range
常量 constant
变量 variable
单调性 monotonicity
奇偶性 parity
周期性 periodicity
图象 image
数列,级数 series
微积分 calculus
微分 differential
导数 derivative
极限 limit
无穷大 infinite(a.) infinity(n.)
无穷小 infinitesimal
积分 integral
定积分 definite integral
不定积分 indefinite integral
有理数 rational number
无理数 irrational number
实数 real number
虚数 imaginary number
复数 complex number
矩阵 matrix
行列式 determinant
几何 geometry
点 point
线 line
面 plane
体 solid
线段 segment
射线 radial
平行 parallel
相交 intersect
角 angle
角度 degree
弧度 radian
锐角 acute angle
直角 right angle
钝角 obtuse angle
平角 straight angle
周角 perigon
底 base
边 side
高 height
三角形 triangle
锐角三角形 acute triangle
直角三角形 right triangle
直角边 leg
斜边 hypotenuse
勾股定理 Pythagorean theorem
钝角三角形 obtuse triangle
不等边三角形 scalene triangle
等腰三角形 isosceles triangle
等边三角形 equilateral triangle
四边形 quadrilateral
平行四边形 parallelogram
矩形 rectangle
长 length
宽 width


在一个分数里,分子或分母或两者均含有分数。也叫compound fraction.

具体读法没有统一。一般是先读分子部分,再读分母部分,中间加上divided by
One minus four fifth plus one third divided by two times two third plus one second


Numerator one minus four fifth plus one third divided by denominator two times two third plus one second


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