Give thanks to the Holy one

This morning. I drove my friend to the airport. It was beautiful to have a snowing Christmas, but not so much for a safety drive. The snow was so heavy that I couldn’t even see where to turn. Then we got lost on the way to the airport. I just didn’t find the entrance. Gosh! I just drove on this road yesterday. So you can imagine how heavy the snow is. And then GPS helped me out. He found a small short path for me to get to the airport parking. However, on my way there, I lost control of my heavy Passat. It spun around in the middle of the street —- clockwise and counter clockwise.  I was so lucky that the car didn’t fall into the ditch. Otherwise I would probably stay there for a couple of hours. And when we got the airport, as you could expect, the airport was closed for severe weather. WOOOOOOOOOOWU, wish everyone a safe Christmas trip! God bless~

本篇發表於 我的心情。將永久鏈結加入書籤。


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