R 2.13 is a great progress

Just tried R 2.13 as a statistical analysis package. The most important update is the compiler by Luke Tierney from my department. That is so simple to use and can improve computing speed without loss of almost anything. Strongly recommended to heavy computational tasks. Will test if cmpfun() collaborates with snow() package for parallel computing. If so that will be cool.

本篇發表於 Stat/Biostat。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

2 Responses to R 2.13 is a great progress

  1. sj lee 說道:


    I tried the cmpfun to speed up my code.
    But the result is almost same.
    Did you check the performace improvement?


    • Andrew 說道:

      well, i tried some very simple functions. Seems that you need to have some parameters in the function to make sure it runs well. And I do not know if you include some other functions from packages other than “base"? I personally tried very simple functions like lm. I think the speed was improved substantially. In my example, it takes only 50% of the pre-compiled function.



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