pray without ceasing


Dear brothers and sisters at Shouwang Church,
We want you to know that we are praying for you this Easter. You have admirably served Christ throughout this whole process and have suffered as a consequence. May the Lord encourage and strengthen you for the stand you have taken to honor Him. Please know that your friends at Asian Access are praying for you. May the Risen Christ be proclaimed throughout your country during these most challenging of days.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Joseph W. Handley
President – Asian Access

“The pastors and congregation at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachussetts want to declare our love and support for the leaders and congregation of Shouwang Church. We are inspired by your courage and humbled by your faith in the face of adversity and persecution. We have enjoyed fellowship with a few of you, and can testify to your simple and sincere desire to worship and serve God freely, without harassment, intimidation, or coercion. We will continue to pray for you and with you as you remain faithful to God’s call on your lives and ministry."
Rev. Bryan Wilkerson
Senior Pastor of Grace Chapel

“Park Street Church of Boston, Massachusetts, declares our support for our brothers and sisters of Shouwang Church of Beijing. We pray that as you seek to worship our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, this Easter that God would grant you favor from the authorities to be able to worship together. We have had the blessing of several of your members make our church their temporary home while they have lived in Boston, and we have heard of your faithfulness to the gospel. We admire your courage and boldness, as well as your desire to honor those in political authority. We are glad to affirm that we stand in spiritual unity with you."

Rev. Dr. Gordon Hugenberger,
on behalf of the leaders and members of Park Street Church
Park Street Church
1 Park Street, Boston, MA, 02108
617-523-3383 (church office)

“Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This Easter Sunday, as we celebrate with joyful freedom our Savior’s triumph over sin and death and everything that would separate us from him and from one another, let’s not forget those of our family who are being pressed and threatened simply for wanting to declare and celebrate the Gospel as freely as we do. Emblematic of such pressure is that being brought against the congregation of Beijing’s Shouwang Church, which has been locked out of it’s building, and systematically threatened and harassed as it seeks to worship out-of-doors. They have asked for our prayers, and it is an honor to stand together with them in spirit as they seek to declare along with us the glory of the risen Christ this coming Sunday."

Rev. John Wood
Senior Pastor, Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, Knoxville TN

Members and friends of Shouwang Church………know that your brothers and sisters in Christ at the Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas,Texas,USA will be in fervent prayer for you,and the whole nation of China,at all six of our Easter services tomorrow.We have a Mandarin service,and our Chinese pastors are known by some of you……and that makes our solidarity with you at this time ever more real and crucial…….and makes your pain even more our pain.May the Lord protect you all…..and make a way for you…….may the light of Jesus’ grace and mercy shine through you during this tumultuous time…..and may many be drawn to the Savior as they see His light and love reflected and refracted through your lives of faithfulness and courage.We “stand” with you on our knees.May the Lord have mercy on us all…..this blessed Easter and all our days.”

Dr. Ronald W. Scates, Senior Pastor
Highland Park Presbyterian Church
3821 University Blvd
Dallas, TX 75205


“tell them that many of us are praying for them. Tell them also that many people including me admire and respect them for the way in which they continue to worship God despite the obstacles thrown in their way. They put many of us western Christians to shame.”——Alvin Plantinga, 美国基督教哲学家

There’s a very large group of academics here holding you and the Body up before God.
——Dhw ,美国神学教授
Dear brother Dr. You,
Thanks so much for yours, My love and greetings to all in the Church.
Assure them my continued prayers. We know that in everything God works
for the good of those who love him. These are the people God chose,
because that was his plan. God knew you before he made the world.
And he decided that you would be like his Son Jesus Christ. God chose
you and made you right with his son and after he made you right then
you will be glorified with Him. I love you all and will continue to pray
for you. May the Sovereign Lord God Almighty preseve and protect you ever.
——Prof. Rev. Dr. Sams S. Kironde – Kigozi,乌干达牧师、教授

Our prayers are with you that the Lord will open a door for you. I will also be praying for the heart of people in the government to be opened. The Lord turns the hearts of Kings – may he touch the hearts of your government leaders.

Andrewchay: Isn’t this beautiful? Isn’t this like the greetings and blessings in Paul’s Epistles? In Him, we are one.

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