A letter to the newly baptized bros and sisters

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I give my thanks to Lord for your great testimony in Aixun. I praise the Lord that they have changed you so much that I could never imagine. God really had done great things on you. This really testifies my little faith in the Lord. I thank you all for your patience with me since I sometimes are really not so friendly to you and are not serving you as the Bible asks me to do. God really touches me through today’s sermon. Pastor Cheung said that we should all serve lame people since we were all lame when Jesus washed our feet. I pray that you can forgive my selfish and my pride. I really want to serve your all more but really I know it’s not what I can do since I still have many struggles from sin within me.
I really pray that God will continue to encourage you all and bless you in the church family. I pray that you can grow in Christ and can join the co-worker team sometime to help students who were like you. I know some of you have set a great model such as Shan and Walt. I pray that more and more love can flow out of the Holy Spirit who lives in you. May you have peace from inside rather than from the cynical world. May you have the heavenly joy as we Christians all have. May you know the Lord more day after day and root in His Words day by day.
I will continue praying for you and encouraging you as much as I can.
Your brother in Christ,
Hao (Andrew) Chai
本篇發表於 天路历程。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

One Response to A letter to the newly baptized bros and sisters

  1. Jill 說道:

    A very encouraging letter…
    God would provide everything we need in His time by His will!!



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