amazing experience

Today I had a really amazing experience and I believe it is God’s work. I just want to share the story with you and encourage you that there is really a cloud of witnesses.

I hope you still remember I shared with you that one of my roommates is a Christian and we have a Bible study in my home. Today, I went to another local American church called Trinity Baptist Church. I heard from other people that it is a great church and it is only eight minutes walking from my home. So I decided to check it out. When I was sitting there reading the bulletin, in the middle of the announcements, I saw a familiar name who is going to preach in the evening. Five years ago, two groups of international Christians went to a small city near Xi’an and had a wonderful summer camp there. At the end of the camp, two groups merged together and gathered together in my home for cleaning and traveling. (Honestly, it was not easy to take a shower in the camp and all of us were quite smelly at the end of the camp.) This guy, Andrew was the leader of another team and we had some conversations while he was in Xi’an. I really admired his leadership and personality. And I can see God’s spirit living in him. Today, I saw the same name in the church! I wasn’t sure if it was him so I came back, searched on facebook, talked to him and confirmed it is him! He was not in New Haven when he went China. But now he is attending Yale for graduate study. The amazing thing is not only I saw his name in the church, but also that it took me a couple of minutes to find his name in the bulletin when I got home. This means, if it is not His plan, I won’t be able to see such a name hiding in tons of information on the bulletin. So, be encouraged! We will see each other someday according to His plan and our work is truly a heavenly treasure.
Give thanks to the Lord.
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